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Some visitors from out of state stopped by one day.

Newest at top:
December 2022, and WE ARE BACK AT IT, 'covid or no covid'!
One new business profile done, another in the works
Reds Resale Shop is Open and FULL of NEW stuff!

9 October 2021 a TWO PAGE photoessay, come see.

A Photo Essay from: "Octoberfest"

18 September's Photo Essay: "Cruise Our Town Tilton, 2021"

7 September 2021, Sol Del Mar, Mexican Bar and Grill is profiled as they re-open under new ownership in Westville, IL!
It's the furthest south we've gone for a profile, not to mention a meal, and it was well worth the drive!

22 July 2021, we check out Tilton Auto Repair and Sales.

SPECIAL NEWS EVENT Photo Coverage of the 11 July FLOOD.

2 July 2021, a nice interview with the lady at Uncle Bob's Flower Patch.

True Grit Fitness has MOVED and Expanded. See the MAJOR UPDATE posted 1 July 2021 which covers their New Location!

28 March 2021: Major Photo Essay: Tilton's Easter Egg Hunt with two pages of pictures!

12 March: a new minister, and an update from Central Park Church of Christ.

February 2021 brings Our FIRST "post covid" UPDATE: Major Changes at Grace Community Church (formerly: Southside Nazarene).

29 March 2020: We look at them getting ready for
"Drive In Church" at Southside Nazarene.

28 March 2020: some photos of the first Drive Through Food Distribution from the Eastern Illinois Foodbank.

19 March: How is Tilton doing during the
"Great Virus Lockdown of 2020"?

11 March: Special Grand Opening Photo Essay on the BRAND NEW
"Mach 1 / Roady's Plaza".

29 February: A Leap Year Day special Mini-Feature about a local game inventor taking his idea Public!
"Boxcar" inventor David Levite.

13 February. We profile Vermilion County Animal Regulation and Adoption Center, and take a picture of a pup... and a cat.

18 December. It was a cold night when we visited the Tilton Mini Warehouses and Neighborhood U-Haul Dealer, but it was worth it!

11 December. His and Hers Crafts and Guns. We check out a new business on their second weekday being open.

22 October. The Desk Team gets together with Team Tilton at their first public meeting.

17 September. We attend the Open House for the new Danville Township offices.

10 July. We check out the Powerlifting at True Grit, and feel the building shake and watch a state record deadlift!

14 May. ANOTHER Lunch UPDATE at Better Days! with a picture of a THING!

28 April, a look at a Home Based business in Tilton...Teresa Levite's "Real Not Perfect" where she does all sorts of very neat things to all sorts of stuff!

12 April, we stop by another BRAND NEW business in Tilton...K.W. Full Throttle Mechanics has been open for a week and is already busy!

Two Profiles for the Price of One: MH Equipment's Tilton Location and their newly minted Director Of Operations, Heartland Region.

25 February, 2019. We check out the Belgium Business Center and its Priority One Businesses.

Valentine's Day, 2019. A Profile of an inflating business that is BACK in Tilton! Dishman Inflatables Indoor Party Facility.

We do a short feature and take a couple of photos of an Empty Lot on Rt One. It won't be empty for long.

November Updates: Photo Update on new equipment at True Grit Fitness

A Profile of another New Business in Tilton! Autumn Fields on the lake

Major Photo Essay! The Tilton 5K and Car Show, fighting cancer and having fun... (if, that is, you think running three miles is fun).

The Brand New Place has a Brand New Piece of Equipment! It's still a good place for a great breakfast.... ... or is that a great place for a good.... Well anyway, check it out!
Profile: "Since Yesterday!"... she wasn't kidding.
We profile the Brand New restaurant in Tilton: Lupita's Family Restaurant.

-- --- --

We answer some of the questions that have been asked about this effort in: "Why are you doing.....?"

SPECIAL FEATURE: A Photo Essay of the Tilton Area Businesses and Groups who participated in the AMBUCS Home and Living Expo! (the 'home show' to everybody else).

also - will be setting up an interview and discussion with Tilton Mayor David Phillips in the near future. A 'profile page' of various Village features will be posted shortly.
The Village and it's Mayor has been added to this site's FB page, and other 'cross linking' is in progress (pun? what pun?).
It is also worth noting that this page will remain independent of the Village.
the Village of Tilton's official webpage is:

ALSO, is supporting and will be covering this event:
Tilton Toe-to-Tow 5K Color Run and Car Show, to support Cancer Care, August 18 at the Tilton Ballpark. For more information visit:

Seven Questions and a couple of pictures With:
- Lupita's Family Restaurant, we catch them on their second day in business!

- Another Tilton Area Business is profiled: Brazas Cut Rate Liquors in Hegeler.

- The South Route One Plaza brings us to Apparel Unlimited, Red Wing Shoes, and California Tanning!

- Mike's Grill, and... Mike's Chill! Two unique landmarks along Rt 1.

- Better Days Cocktail Bar, they totally changed their business, but, they're STILL open for business!
"Play the cards you're dealt and do the best you can!" - Mr Trinkle, Owner.

- Travel Trailers Sales and Service, we get to ask the owner, the vice president, and the sales manager our questions.

- WITY radio, TiltonProgress sees where 'the magic happens'.

- Cabinet City Granite and Marble, a Tilton business that recently expanded to Urbana.

- Our first profile of the local edition of a national chain takes us to Tilton's Family Dollar who is looking for new employees!

- The Green Jade, did you know that Tilton's Chinese restaurant has been here for sixteen years?

- Imagine Salon, a 'snow day' takes us to see Ms Nikki who seems to think The Desk needs a haircut.

- Truscelli's Collision Repair, Mike knows well enough to listen when the lady behind the desk says something!

- Rich's Family Restaurant, we spend a few minutes talking to "Mr. Rich" about his three area restaurants.

- Carnaghi Towing and Repair, another Fourth Generation local business, and one of the oldest of its type in the USA!

- Our first profile with an Area Business (just outside of Tilton) brings us F5 Firearms, LLC, and one of the owners!

- Burke Spring and Alignment, the CFO is quite proud of her family's business, and rightly so.

- Blackie's Heating and Cooling, we chat with the current "Blackie", the Fourth Generation in the family business!

- Tilton Laundry Inc. At the same location since... well, nobody seems to know how long, "almost forever".

- Vermilion Chevrolet - Buick - GMC, in their 'state of the art' facility opened in 2015.

- The Depot Fireplace and Stove Center, and an interview by firelight!

- Tilton Pro-Lube, a locally owned and operated business for 20 years!

- StaffQuick, employment agency, in business in Tilton since 2014.

- True Grit Fitness, training facility in Tilton, recently expanded.

- More To Come!

Village Profiles
- Tilton's Community Center is available for event rentals.
- we'll be doing more as we go!

Tilton's Churches
With links to their websites and FB pages.
If we missed one, let us know, it will be added in the next update.

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