to main page: mini-feature of: "Boxcar", a game by Tilton Inventor, David Levite

date of interview, 29 February 2020

David plays an early version of the game with a younger player at an event.

    Mr. Levite says he's been working on the game, 'off and on' for a couple of years. And now, after several rule revisions, three different names for it, different tokens and score sheets, a bit of professional game consultation and legal advice, and all, it seems to be ready for its public debut.

    The object of the exercise has always been based on "tic tac toe", except where in the traditional paper and pencil, or chalk and a blackboard, game where there is a bit of logic and strategy involved, with this, it is all the "luck of the roll", what you get is up to the dice. And you get five rolls to see how you do.     It is very possible to roll five times and NOT get "three in a row", you can trust this writer on that!

    David is also in talks with Another Tilton Business to put more professional looking logos on the containers for the game, which will be worth another picture and an update when they get done.

The inventor demonstrates a previous version of the game.

He will publicly present the game at:
CRIS Healthy-Aging Center in Danville, IL
Wednesday 4 March, 2020, 10 AM CST

Eventually, the game will be ready for retail sale, and that will be another update!

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