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date of evant, 28 March 2021

    Sometime in the fall of 2019, Team Tilton, the local community service and activities group, had a planning meeting for the various things that they were planning for the next year. There at the meeting things like the 5K walk/run with the car show, and there was "trunk or treat", and various community days with gatherings in the parks, as well as 'cleanup' days, and a Thanksgiving Dinner for the Village's Senior Citizens were discussed and given a 'working date'.
    Remember that saying that runs something along the line that: "life is what happens when you've made other plans"?
    2020 had other plans.
    Almost NOTHING happened for a year. There were some events that had limited, or No, contact between people. Like when they delivered the Thanksgiving dinners instead of having a large gathering at the Community Center. Other events simply did not happen because of various "Stay at Home" (lockdown) orders.
    Finally, things began to loosen up, and Team Tilton could begin planning to take over the Village's Easter Egg Hunt, as well as to begin talking about things that didn't happen last year. Such as the cleanup days


The primary mover's and shakers of Team Tilton.

    As you'll see on the first of the following Photo Pages, Team Tilton invited the people of the Village to come help, and many of them did.
    They managed to fill somewhere around 7,000 plastic eggs with candy and small toys. With all sorts of other items they called "ground cover", such as hula hoops, kites, balls, 'flying discs', and other toys. Then were larger games and items that were door prizes that did not depend on finding an egg with a ticket in it. Every child who was registered at the check in table got a ticket for a chance to win a prize. And boy did they have prizes....
    Team Tilton managed to get over three thousand dollars in donations from local businesses. So much in fact that they had enough to purchase Eight Bicycles, two in each of the four age groups from 0 to 3 up to 11 to 13. So there was a drawing for a girl's and a boy's bike after each age's hunt, then there were further drawings for other prizes, as you'll see on pictures of the prize tables. After all of the prizes were drawn for in each age group, a local business, "This Is It Furniture" had donated gift certificates that were drawn from the same group of tickets. So there was a good chance that every family that attended could win at least one prize.

    Early that Saturday morning a good group from Team Tilton showed up at the ballpark and started setting up for the event. Later, "This Is It Furniture" and Robinson Chiropractic set up tents with games where the kids could win other prizes.
    When the registration table opened at noon, there was a good line for it. And the line didn't ease up until there were between 250 and 300 people at the event.
    At one PM, the little kids were turned loose under the watchful eye of a large white rabbit and Mayor David Phillips, as you'll see on the second page of photos.
    In the end, as this photo shows, there were a lot of happy kids.

    Team Tilton is planning other events, but, as 2020 showed us, sometimes things don't go as planned.

Tilton Easter Egg Hunt 2021: Picture Page One and Picture Page Two

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