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date of event, 11 July 2021

    It IS Illinois, It IS Summer, Rain Happens. But there is a point where a rainstorm becomes more than just a Sunday Afternoon Annoyance. As you will see below, the rain storm that began just before suppertime that Sunday, and then dumped between four and six inches of water in about two hours, and then continued for some time afterward, was well, you'll see.

    As shown in the pictures, it was Still Raining when the Desk was out. And the newly arrived water simply pooled up with the rest of its kindred. There was nowhere for it to go.

    The Village had been out as well, they had blocked off some flooded streets, as above, and had pumps out, as below, the one below had evidently run out of fuel, but was later running once more.
    The storm drain system was simply overwhelmed, manhole covers were seen being pushed up by the pressure from below, and in other places, ditches were overflowing as the water searched for a way to get to the river. But, as we'll see in a second, sometimes it took a detour to play with a kid's pool that was actually floating around the back yard, instead of the other way round.

    But, as bad as it was, it could have been worse, and it did create some interesting features you usually don't see in Tilton, such as a waterfall along Fourteenth Street.

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