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Powerlifting comes to Tilton, and a State Record is Set!

      Some time ago Tilton Progress did a profile of True Grit Fitness (link below). Then there was an update when they got in some new equipment.
      And now the gym is the setting for a feature that actually shook the place. Well, the building did shake when one of the lifters dropped the barbell with over 400 pounds on it.

      True Grit hosted a Bench, Deadlift, and Curl event sanctioned by the Next Generation Powerlifting Federation (see link below), and Tilton Progress was there.

      There were lifters ranging in age from late teens to a couple who qualified for the senior discount for lunch. There were others who did not look like your typical powerlifter, and several who did.
      There were quite a few local lifting clubs represented with small groups of athletes, and a good number of independents who train on their own. The host gym was represented as well. And with the arrival of a food truck and a DJ, there was definitely the hint that this was something special.

      So the Tilton Progress team talked to several people, and took some pictures, and watched as Mr. Ben set a state deadlift record (unofficial until verified) of 395 pounds in his class, applauded an amazing attempt to bench press 740 pounds, and then felt the floor shake when another competitor dropped well over four hundred pounds without warning. Other records may have been set, the results of the days efforts, and any other records, will be posted on the Federation's website.

      Because of the way the competition area was laid out, and the fact that we wanted to stay out of the way, we had a limited view of the action, and a poor angle to get good action shots, but we did what we could do. Enjoy them anyway.

Getting ready for the 725 attempt.

Check out the intensity in the face of the lift observer to the right of the bench.

The deadlift that could well be a state record for Mr. Ben's age and weight class.

A totally unconfirmed rumor has it that the lady is the brains behind the Federation.
Their Facebook page.

Tilton Progress's profile of: True Grit Fitness

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