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"Cruise Our Town: Tilton" 2021

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date of event, 18 September 2021

A Volunteer and the main stage for the event.

    It was a bright sunny morning that was quickly becoming hot and humid as the Desk and Mrs. Desk checked out the final setup for Cruise Our Town Tilton

Some of the booths were still setting up, but they already had a good selection of everything from
'junk' to hand made crafts and locally produced honey.

    The Friday evening phase of the event with the “kid's cruise” was a hit with around thirty children in everything from pedal cars to the battery powered versions of every description. Then later they had an adult version with golf carts and similar vehicles, most of which were decorated, and they went for a ride around town.
    The night included a mile and a half run/walk and then there was something called a “Glow Foam Party” which, from what the Desk can gather, was for the 'younger crowd', but was reported to be a lot of fun.

One of the offerings from a local business to keep the 'younger set' entertained.

    The event is focused on raising funds to support the Tilton Volunteer Fire Department and Ambulance Service, so they were well represented on site as well. And we thank them for their service:

    Something else in attendance was a “new toy” that Carnaghi Towing and Repair recently acquired, and it is impressive in all sorts of ways. The Desk is used to working near tractor-trailers and other over-sized vehicles. This Jerr-Dan Rotator is massive from the cab, which is pretty much a standard Peterbilt, back, and the business end, as you can see below, is simply awesome.

This thing is BIG!

    There was also a raffle for several tables full of prizes, and the car show, and food trucks and other stuff going on, all day Saturday, which all needed a lot of volunteers to keep running smoothly.

Volunteer service with a smile!

    We were there just a touch early to get a good picture of the seventy or so cars they expected for the car show. But, fortunately, the event was held at the Toyota dealership, and they have a sizable used car selection, and SOMEBODY at the dealership had decided to line up a few of their offerings that made a rather nice car show of its own:

A Camaro, a Mustang, a Charger, and a Corvette... ready to go to a new home!

    So, all in all, the weekend was a success! We hope they do it again next year.

And, of course: will cover it.

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