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Tilton Progress Looks at how some of Tilton is dealing with
The Great Virus Lockdown of 2020!

date of article: 19 March 2020

      Officially, unofficially, practically, whatever, this is the fourth day of 'lockdown' in Illinois.
      It was Sunday and into Monday that the Governor began issuing orders to close things. That was well after the rush on household supplies and microwave burritos began.

      Now, with several days behind us and some idea of how this will play, if not for how long, The Desk thought it would run out and see how some of the businesses, and one local branch of government, in the Tilton area are coping with The Great Virus Scare of 2020.

      First a brief bit of commentary, and then a Whole Bunch of pictures!

      For the most part, they, like the rest of us, are 'coping with it', and that's it. They, and we, are doing what we have to do, trying to stay calm, and healthy, and make the best of it.
      One of the local churches is putting even more content online to support its own congregation and anybody else that is looking for a bit of Wisdom from Above during all this. It can be reached through their FB page: in addition to the audio recordings of previous messages on their audio pages on their website:
      The Village itself, and as we'll see in a minute, the Township, are both limiting office access and moving as much business as possible to the phone and the web.

      OK, that's enough commentary, right? Let's look at the pictures.....

All the business's mentioned below have profiles, or features, available off the main index page.

Mike's Grill:

According to Marilyn, a long term server at the iconic place on Rt 1, they are busy with curb service and carry out, because, as another employee said, "We're built for this." Ms Marilyn said the customers have been understanding and they've been tipping good, which is good to hear.


Down the road at Brazas Cut Rate Liquors, they said the driveup has been busy, but the big news was that the thunderstorm the other day took down the old awning over the main entrance. They are planning on getting it replaced, and remaining open to serve their customers during the health crisis.

Rich's Family Restaurant:

As you can see from the hand written sign on the door, Rich's has closed for the week, to reopen for carry out only on 23 March. However, there is non-virus related news there as well. As you can see from the brace of electrician vans out back, Mr. Imeri is using the time to get some work done.

Staff Quick:

Over at the "Job Lady's Place" things were still happening. There were clients filling out applications in the office and a meeting happening in the back, and they have people available to work, and are looking for some others to fill some positions that they do have available. But first you have to get passed the hand sanitizer table in the entrance way.

Danville Township:

As you can see, the Township also had a sign taped to their door, (by now, we were getting used to seeing that), there's an abbreviated version in the second picture with the notice about the food pantry if you are really interested in reading it.
Mr. Mike West, township supervisor, actually came outside to speak to us. He said the township is open for business, but most things are being done over the phone or by email. Their regular board meeting is being conducted on the phone or by "facetime". He also said that requests for their Senior Transportation are down, and that the demand on the Food Pantry has not increased like he thought it would, although he did agree that we're only a week into this.
The other thing is that they are coming into the time where they hire seasonal help to do things like cut the grass and maintain township facilities, that is a decision they will have to make, along with other organizations in the coming weeks.

Autumn Fields Adult Community:

Another place, another sign, and another table.
The director at Autumn Fields said their residents are doing OK. They have lots of activities for them, and arrangements for online visitation has been set up. Also, they haven't had any staff fail to come to work.

Mach 1:

(I thought that trailer was worth a photo)
According to Ms LaFonde, one of the managers at the Mach 1, they have had to put off the installation of their hot food section because of the crisis until next month. But it shouldn't be a problem when it is installed because it will be all carry out anyway.

Better Days:

And while Better Days is serving take out lunches and dinners, they have these, which were installed before all this began,
standing by and waiting for .... .... better days.

We are ALL waiting for "Better Days."

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