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Seven Questions with the Owner and Manager of the long time business just south of Tilton.

date of interview, 3 April, 2018

  1. How long have you been in business / and in this location?
    -    The business has been here for over forty years. They've owned it for about twelve. The family also owns stores in Danville.
  2. How many employees?
    -    Five.
  3. Although it may be obvious, what is your business?
    -    Liquor store, lottery, some convenience items, snacks and refreshments, installed the gaming machines a few years ago and they are popular as well.
  4. What do you want people to know about this place?
    -    Large selection, friendly service, good prices.
    -    (The friendly service was obvious as during the interview, several regular customers pulled up to the drive up window and he recognized them and knew what they wanted.)
  5. What is the main advantage you see for being located here?
    -    Very busy location. Traffic light makes it easy to get in and out of the drive up.
  6. Any plans to expand?
    -    No.
  7. Anything else you'd like to be on the website about your business.
    -    We can even do special orders for special occasions.

1 E Hegeler Ln, Danville, IL 61832

phone number: 217-431-3719

Hours: Seven Days a Week, 7 AM to 11 PM

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