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Tilton Progress checks in with
      Pastor Jeremy McLaughlin of Grace Community Church....

.... formerly Southside Church of the Nazarene.

Date of Interview: 23 Feb/21

"Nothing happened" Pastor Jeremy's answer to the Desk's first question.
    ... 'well' .... The Desk's reply.

    According to the Pastor the 'Southside' name was "old school" and the leadership of the church on King Street wanted to update the name to reflect more about what the congregation was about, which is "grace and truth" and teaching people about Jesus as part of their overall vision and goals. But the Pastor reassured the Desk that the local congregation was still affiliated with the larger Nazarene organization.
    He went on to say that over the last year or so he has seen more of a spirit of unity here like he hadn't seen anywhere he's been in over twenty years in the ministry. And that even after they changed, or started changing Everything inside the building, including totally redoing the Sanctuary and moving the Community/Fellowship Room into it, changing the music, replacing wooden pews with chairs, and, well, more, as we'll see in a minute.

    There is no way to explain the other changes inside the building except to say, you need to come by on April Eleventh to their "Launch Day" and Grand Opening to see. In short, the office isn't where it used to be, they "flipped wings" so the Fellowship Hall has been given to the kids, there is a Cafe in the lobby... and whatever.

    The Grace Cafe will be open weekday mornings for coffee and pastries, which will be available without charge, but donations to support local and global missions are appreciated.

    Launch Day is April Eleventh, at 11 AM Central Time with a BBQ Lunch and tours of the totally remodeled building. And the public is absolutely invited.

        Pastor Jeremy is certain the work will be done.... Come see!

Grace Community Church

Location: 1629 King St, Tilton, IL 61833

Contact Number: 217-446-7876

Service Times: Sunday Morning, 10:40 AM


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