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Seven Questions with owners Ricky Klinkow and Jeremy Martin

date of interview, 12 April 2019

  1. How long have you been in business / and in this location?
    -    The guys have been automotive and motorcycle mechanics for ages. They've only recently gone into partnership and opened their own place. In fact, this is their fifth Official Day with the "OPEN" sign on.
  2. How many employees?
    -    ... ... them:

  3. Although it may be obvious, what is your business?
    -    Service and repair of all brands of Motorcycles (from 'dirt bikes' see photo below all the way up to big highway cruisers), ATVs and 4-Wheelers, Automotive, and other power equipment. They can do some frame and body work as well as full engine overhauls and rebuilds.
    -    They also offer custom graphics and airbrush painting. Stop by and see examples.
  4. What do you want people to know about this place?
    -    They can get most repairs completed the same day, some while you wait in their 'really neat' upstairs waiting area. Between them they have various engine and repair certifications.
  5. What is the main advantage you see for being located here?
    -    They both grew up in Tilton, and remember riding dirt bikes around the pond and the old Skyway drive in. They have lots of connections in the area and want to do business here.
  6. Any plans to expand?
    -    Constantly! They're waiting on their Parts Unlimited approval, are planning on adding on a machine shop with engine and cylinder head machinery, and are working on arrangements for major repainting.
  7. Anything else you'd like to be on the website about your business.
    -    They offer free estimates, and will be honest about whether something is worth repairing, and if they can do it at a reasonable price.

Remember that 'dirt bike repair' we mentioned earlier:

This is their 'upstairs' customer waiting area....

The arrow against the wall will soon become a sign on 14th Street. So we're already prepped for an update!

K.W. Full Trottle Mechanics
6 South Hodge St, Tilton, IL, 61833

phone number: 217-274-7270

Hours: M - F 8 - 5
Saturday: 9 - 1


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