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Mike's Grill, -and- (you can be jealous, it's ok!) Mike's Chill

Seven Questions with Mr. Eric Sherer, head cook, manager, customer service representative, and Owner, and, Ms Marilyn, with over thirty years serving customers.

date of interview, 12 March, 2018

  1. How long have you been in business / and in this location?
    -    This is the Grill's Sixtieth Year, it was opened in 1958 by Mr. Sherer's grandfather and great-grandfather!
    -    Mike's Chill opened in 1984. Mike's Mini-Warehouses have been there awhile as well!
  2. How many employees?
    -    Between the various establishments, about 30. With some being long term workers, with Miss Marilyn being the best example. Others are generational employees whose parents, or even grandparents, worked there 'years ago'.
  3. Although it may be obvious, what is your business?
    -    Traditional, All American "Hamburger Stand" and Ice Cream place.
  4. What do you want people to know about this place?
    -    The Food, and milk shakes!, are the attraction, with a simple menu and reasonable prices. As well as the place being family owned and operated.
    -    They still offer 'curb service' to your car, and phoned in takeout orders are still very popular as well.
  5. What is the main advantage you see for being located here?
    -    Tilton is a quiet place. With high exposure on Rt 1 (over 20,000 cars a day!).
  6. Any plans to expand?
    -    No. (see next answer!)
  7. Anything else you'd like to be on the website about your business.
    -    "Don't plan on changing anything or going anywhere, just keeping it up." - Mr. Sherer.


Address: 2006 Georgetown Rd, Tilton, IL 61833

Phone orders accepted: 217-446-6605

Mike's Grill "winter" Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 10 - 8
Friday and Saturday: 10 - 9
Sunday: 11 - 9

Mike's Chill: Noon to 9 PM Daily.

Mike's Grill:

Mike's Chill:

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