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21 November, 2018 PHOTO UPDATE:

There's some new STUFF at the gym!

This is one of the new things, it is attached to something else, which we'll see later:

Some of the new equipment....

And there are more of these:

"The rumors that that thing transforms into a robot at night and goes out and raises havoc are completely untrue."

You don't have to buy a shirt in order to work out... but it might help.

And there is an area for the younger set as well:

The little box with the cord at the top leads you to THIS:

We were going to get a shot of the large room where they have organized classes and do things like cross training and yoga, but there was an organized class in there doing things like cross training and yoga.
We'll try again next time.

True Grit Fitness
1606 Georgetown Rd, Tilton, IL 61833

Telephone 217-274-7490

The facility is open 24 hours. Class times vary, contact them for schedule.

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