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1 July 2021, True Grit Fitness Update

(the original profile and update: True Grit Fitness)

      The Desk stopped by True Grit to check out their new digs after, well, after everything that has happened in the last year. Including the gym being locked up and dark for six months. Even through the 'plague', seventy five percent of their members maintained their membership. And now, with the new building and the restrictions being lifted, their membership numbers are on the way back up. And they are also back to being involved with community charity events such as the "Hero workout day" at the end of July, see more on their Facebook page linked below.
      One of the things that has happened is that True Grit has moved AGAIN! This time into a building that they had built as a gym, and that they own. So as Manager Dillon Ervin said, they can 'paint the wall or put up a sign' without checking with the landlord, "The third move wasn't that bad. And we're finally in our own place, which was our long term goal."

      The new building has dedicated space for Sixteen tanning beds, including state of the art 'high pressure' luxury beds, and a standing spray tan booth. With 16 beds, there is usually no wait.

      Unlike the 24 hour gym side, the Tanning Side is only open during staffed hours as below.

      There is also room for a soon to be installed Smoothie Bar. When it opens, we'll have to check it out and post a review.

      Something else that's good about being in a purpose built facility is that they now have dressing rooms with showers, and two locker rooms With Lockers!

      As far as the actual gym in the new building, there is news that way as well. They have a dedicated room for classes, which is something they hadn't had since they moved out of the 'H-D' building on 16th Street.
      The classroom is used for group classes several times a day, and in September Yoga classes start up again.

      There is also more room for new machines, such as the "assault" treadmills with a slight vertical curve that is inclined slightly toward the front for a more natural running experience with lower impact. They also have a lot of bikes, rowing machines, weight machines, and more free weights than ever. As well as a huge "American Ninja"-style workout frame. And, something that is more important now than ever, plenty of spray bottles and towels to wipe things down with.
      And now, let's check out some more images from the new place at 1 Donna Drive,Tilton, IL 61833, in the complex across the highway from the Caseys and the car wash.

The facility is open 24 hours for gym members. Class times vary, contact them for schedule.
Tanning hours are: Weekdays - 7AM to 9PM. Saturday and Sunday - 11AM to 5PM.

Phone: 217-274-7490

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