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Tilton Auto Repair and Sales

Seven Questions with AJ, son of the owners

date of interview, 22 July 2021

  1. How long have you been in business / and in this location?
    -    Since 2007.
  2. How many employees?
    -    Three, counting AJ.
  3. Although it may be obvious, what is your business?
    -    Automobile and Truck sales and service.
  4. What do you want people to know about this place?
    -    We have a lot of weird things that others don't have.
  5. What is the main advantage you see for being located here?
    -    Small town, good people. We have a lot of returning customers.
  6. Any plans to expand?
    -    Yes. But there's no date yet.
  7. Anything else you'd like to be on the website about your business.
    -    We treat everyone that walks onto the lot the same, we take care of the customer one on one.

120 W 5 th Street
Tilton, IL 61833

Phone number: 217-446-4277

Hours: Weekdays and Saturday, 8 to 5, or by appointment



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