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      It had been rumored for years. "they", whoever 'they were', "are going to build something there."

      The 'there' part was easy. It was the vacant lot where the old Daniel School building had been, on Rt One / Georgetown Road, just south of the 14th street interchange.
      The 'something' was as variable as the 'they'. Everything from a chain casual-dining restaurant to various retail stores had been mentioned as being considered by everybody from national interests to local politicians with a connection to a developer.
      Most of those plans had one thing in common. They all hinged on the placement of a traffic light between the I-74 cloverleaf and the light at the Southgate Plaza.
      But, of course, with Illinois being Illinois, it could not be done logically, easily, or Cheaply. The most expensive and longest running option HAD to be chosen, and justified by the most nonsensical reasoning that those with advanced Civil Engineering degrees could concoct over a five martini lunch somewhere in the Loop District of Chicago. .... "We can't have two traffic lights too close to each other on a US or Illinois numbered route now can we? Oh, and never mind that nightmare just a couple of miles up the road in town, that's different."
            Of course.
      "And don't you dare call the new road Fifteenth Street, even though it is almost exactly halfway between Fourteenth and Sixteenth.
            We wouldn't think of it.

      In any case, that's all taxpayer money under the bridge, or pavement, as the case may be. It's ALMOST all done. The new light is in and working, as you can see in the picture. And some site work on the new business has already begun. Or at least some test boring for construction was last week before the snow.
      As the Desk has a local interest in what is happening across the road, we'll keep track of it and post the occasional photo as some of this 'stuff' gives way to a new business.

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