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Tilton Area Businesses at the

"2018 AMBUCS Home and Living Expo"

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date of event, 3 March 2018

"we'll lead with the puppies!"
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      You know what it is.... it is your supply of ink pens for the coming year. Where you pick up a new chip bag clip. It's where you get those little notepads that have a name and phone number printed across the bottom. Or where you find some little plastic thing and wonder why you didn't invent that when you thought of it five years ago.

      It's the "home show". It is where local businesses, charities, and organizations come together to get their names 'out there', to promote whatever they have going on, to compare notes with other outfits to glean new promotional ideas, ... ... and to give away whatever chip clips, pens, notepads, and plastic 'things' they have to give away.

      Every year the AMBUCS stage the local edition of the event as a major fundraiser for the year where scores of local, and even a few national, entities man nearly a hundred booths and stands at Danville's Palmer Arena (as with everything else: see link below).
      The reason they have a major fundraiser will become quite clear when you visit their web page. In short, they are the people that supply mobility devices called 'AmTrykes'® ....

      The trykes are given to those that need some assistance to get around without charge or obligation. This event helps to support that effort.
      The group also builds and maintains playgrounds and other facilities for those with limited ability, as well as a summer camp, and a baseball league, and, well, it's just better if you are curious about them to check out the link below.

      In any case, this article is about the Tilton area businesses and organizations that had a presence at this year's event, like the CARA booth above. So, we'll get right to that.
      But first we have to say this. The place was packed. There were ninety booths on what is the rest of the time a hockey rink....(no, the ice was covered with a nice floor so the Desk did not have to skate from WITY over to Nelson's Lawn Care, if that had been the case, this feature would be a lot shorter!).... ninety booths, with several on the upper level in the main lobby. And there were a LOT of people coming and going as well, which also made getting some of the photos far more interesting than it would otherwise be. So it is VERY possible that we missed a couple of locals who were there. If we did, sorry, we'll try to make sure we catch you next year. Or, as in the case of Vermilion Chevrolet, there was no way to get a photo of them out front, so we'll just say They Were There, with a really nice Camaro by the way, and post the link to their profile below.
      Now, about CARA, which is more correctly rendered: C.A.R.A. (Citizens for Animal Rescue and Adoption). They are a No Kill animal shelter and adoption group, based on Fourteenth Street in Tilton. It was them that had the pen full of yappy puppies you heard from out by the cars when you walked into the civic center. Then, while you were trying to talk to the ladies at the table, a couple of the cats in their carriers talked to you. They do a good work, and TiltonProgress will try to catch up with them when they're not cleaning out cat cages or setting up a meeting with adoptive pet parents to do a profile.

      Then we ran across a couple of old friends from the radio station, and, they were working instead of sitting in the booth giving away cup cozies:

Mr. Randy Daniels interviewing another attendee.

      So we moved on to check out another local business, and this one has yet to be profiled on the site as well.

      The Toyota of Danville booth was being manned by Mr. Jim Penrod who assured the Desk that if it stopped by sometime he would either do the interview, or sucker somebody else into doing it for him. Which is just fine by us.

      Then we came across the social service agency based in the Southgate Plaza along Route One: the Vermilion County Rape Crisis Center.

      The Center staffs a 24 hour hotline and has counseling available, offers medial and legal advocacy services as well as providing education and prevention programs. And, when appropriate, we'll do a full profile on them.

      As the website covers the Tilton Area, that also means Westville, Illinois. And since it means Westville, it also means the smiling people from Nelson's Lawn Care. We think it best if we do a profile of them BEFORE 'lawn care season' really gets started! Apparently they are too busy landscaping, power washing, seeding, mulching, and all of that sort of stuff to put up a website, but they do have a phone number, and we'll put it in the profile when we do it.

      As long as we're covering Westville, we'll also cover that bit of highway between here and there, and that means visiting the complex that includes Country Carpentry, Priority One Auctions, as well as a Pawn shop, and a thriving real estate operation, and a couple of other interests as well....

.... but all of that may be more than one profile, as you can see from their booth.

      All in all, from what the Desk could see wandering around the place, and trying to get a good picture or two, and pick up a zipper thing with tissues in it, and a couple of pens, the Expo was a hit.
      We were there right as they unlocked the door on Saturday, and by the time we left, shortly before noon, it was becoming too crowded to try to take a picture of anything. Including a Camaro out front. There was still room to move around, and get in and out of the various displays and stalls with information or even different types of equipment and furnishings on display, but to do what the Desk does, whatever that is, you need space and time.

      So, next year, we would advise you to join us early on that Saturday morning so you too can see all there is to see at the AMBUCS Home and Living Expo.

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