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the Third Annual

Tilton Toe-to-Tow 5K Color Run and Car Show

a Photo Essay by

date of event, 18 August 2018

      The Desk had thoughts about doing an in depth analysis of the event, conducting a deep and wide ranging interview with Ryan, the organizer and brain trust, talk to some volunteers and get into their motivation... total coverage. You know?

      It didn't take long for the Desk to realize that, for one, Mr. Ryan was far too busy doing almost everything, including wiping down damp tables that would soon be covered with the equipment for the PA system to hold still for an interview:

      And also, there was STUFF coming out, and coming in, and moving around. And it seemed that most of it needed some sort of decision from him to do it.

      There was what amounted to a couple of full strength baseball teams of volunteers, helpers, and, to be honest, some draftees, at the Tilton Ball Park. That's what it takes to put on this sort of event. A Lot of willing help, and more than a couple of generous sponsors:

      Fortunately, as this event was larger than the previous two, with more runners, more cars in the show, and, hopefully, with more attendees to take it all in, he needed them. (Link to the event webpage at the end of article.)
      And then, before all the fog burned off, THEY showed up:

      And then there were the "Beauty Of Hope" girls from the American Cancer Society's benefit pageant (link below) who were manning one of the 'color stations' out on the course.

      Yes, that effort is a good thing, and should be spread further.

      Now, where were we?

      That doesn't help at all.
      In that last picture, Tilton's mayor, the Honorable David Phillips, chats with Mr. Brian Carnaghi and friend, who are helping a moonlighting Hollywood star find his way around the grounds. A profile of Mr. Carnaghi's business, one of the major sponsors of the event, is available elsewhere on the site.
      Mr. Phillips had one official duty that day, and he performed it well. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. First, there was a young lady who could not only sing well, but run just as impressively. And we have another photo of her from later in the day to prove it.

      And then:

      One is tempted to say: "Meanwhile, back at the ranch, odd things were happening...."

      The bottom picture is a vintage Plymouth Barracuda, complete with the fish on the grill on the other end, but we liked this view of that massive swept 'fastback' rear window better.
      The lady in costume in the top photo has had cancer creep into her own family. A friend of the Desk was called into service to do a portrait of her and her close family member who is fighting the disease. Our prayers are with them.

      And that brings it home doesn't it?
      That's why.... That's why Mr. Ryan wipes down wet tables before the sun is fully out. That's why that guy from Tilton brings over the pallet of water. That's why the people in the tutus are out early in the morning, along with seventy other runners and walkers and joggers. That's why that 'green truck' is here. That's why a local band came in and played later. And all the rest of it.
      Cancer is a hideous disease. It strikes all classes and races. Sometimes there is an obvious cause, such as smoking, and other times, 'it just happens'. And Mr. Ryan, and all of these others, are helping in the fight against it, and assisting the patients and their families that it happens to by donating the proceeds from this event, and other related events, to the The Bobette Steely Hegeler Cancer Care Center, in Danville.
      In the previous two years they have donated over twelve thousand dollars to the center. This year will add significantly to the total. And, hopefully, next year will add even more. Especially if you come out and support the effort.

Some more photos, in no particular order, Links Below:

The men's winner was Cory, with a time of 22:48.

Ms Cory won the women's division with a 27:23. Congratulations to both.

Part of the very well named 'kids zone'.

As the morning fog had turned into pure humidity, this sponsor's offering became VERY popular later!

Part of the Emergency Services on the scene, hoping NOT to be needed.
Fortunately, all of the 'incidents' reported throughout the run were minor and their day was fairly dull.

Just a few of the vehicles in the show. A classic T-bird was displayed with a 'for sale' sign on it, and it sold!

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The Beauty of Hope Benefit Pageant, affiliated with the American Cancer Society:
"It is not the crown or title that makes a queen it is the person that wears it"

Event Sponsors featured in the article:

The Village of Tilton, IL

That pallet of water came from the Tilton store:

The people with the free popsicles:

Sponsors featured on

They are the "tow" in the name of the event:
Carnaghi Towing and Repair.

Another sponsor was: Burke Spring and Alignment

And not to be missed is:
Cabinet City Granite and Marble

And, of course: and:

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